New user-friendly skin tear assessment and treatment pack huge cost-saver for providers

An Australian-designed skin tear pack can significantly cut healing times for acute wounds and bring substantial cost savings to aged care providers.

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20 September 2022


Sentry Medical

An Australian-designed skin tear assessment and treatment pack has the potential to reduce the average healing times of acute wounds by weeks, and deliver significant cost savings to aged care providers.

Sentry Medical’s Senturian Skin Tear Pack – First Response is an all-in-one sterilised wound care solution, with easy-to-follow instructions to assist personal care assistants (PCAs) to promptly attend to aged care residents’ wounds, classify their severity, and record treatment outcomes for later review by a nurse.


Essential Supplies for Skin Tear Treatment


This new dressing pack was the subject of a four-month independent, randomised controlled trial across four aged care sites in 2021, overseen by RMIT University and Healthcare United — a wound, diabetes and chronic disease consultancy body.

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