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Explore the outcomes of an independent clinical study featuring our Senturian® Skin Tear Pack – First Response in wound care treatment.

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25 August 2022


Sentry Medical

Evaluation of a First Responder Skin Tear Wound Management Pack

An independent clinical study was conducted to demonstrate the benefits of the unique Senturian® Skin Tear Pack – First Response for wound care treatment.

There are various products in place at present in the aged care sector to manage skins tears. This study evaluated the introduction of a First Responder Skin Tear Wound Management Pack (STWMP). The primary aim of the eight-week project, applied across four aged care sites, was to evaluate the implementation of a first responder STWMP in which any health care worker could apply the correct regime, decreasing the risk of progression of a skin tear to a chronic or complex wound.

The results showed a reduction in skin tear time, therefore an increased rate of healing and reduction in staff time, all creating a reduction in the burden of disease that skin tears have in the aged care sector. In addition, it highlighted some design features and early data to inform further research into the impact of pre-education and socialization of the first responder STWMP in practice. The first responder STWMP clearly has the potential to promote best and early practices for all residents’ skin in a multidisciplinary team with a resident-centered approach.

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