How we're helping our planet

We are driven by a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, guiding our actions with the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, from product design to packaging.

In developing our products


In our commitment to minimise our environmental footprint, we continuously strive to innovate and enhance our products.

An exemplary shift to packaging methods, has resulted in a significant % reduction in cardboard carton weight. This transition has led to an increase in products per shipping pallet, effectively reducing carton waste.



We actively contribute to waste reduction by offering reusable alternatives and minimizing the environmental impact associated with disposable products.

For example, the average Regional Hospital uses around 150 huck towels per day for hand drying. This is why we’ve designed our 100% Cotton Huck Towel to be laundered and reusable, offering a sustainable option for various general cleaning purposes.



We offer eco-friendly packaging and incorporate recyclable materials into our products.

To reduce waste, all cartons and card packaging is 100% recyclable. Our Sterilisation Wraps are also made from 99% polypropylene, a material that can be reintroduced into the community as park benches, boards, or playground rubber matting.


In our workplace

Renewable Solar Energy

Our head office and warehouse are powered by renewable solar energy, aligning with our dedication to clean energy solutions.

Zero Single-Use Tableware

We have adopted a policy of zero single-use tableware, encouraging sustainable practices within our workplace.

Sustainability Awareness

Throughout our head office, there is a collective effort to raise socially responsible awareness such as reducing waste and emissions, and implementing recycling programs.

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