About us

At Sentry Medical, we are more than just a supplier and manufacturer of medical products; we are a dedicated team with a mission to provide optimal protection, treatment, and healing to every body.

Our purpose

Our purpose is deeply rooted in caring for every body. We are steadfast in our mission to ensure that all have access to optimal protection, treatment, and healing through our comprehensive medical product range.

Through our actions, we strive to make a meaningful difference for  our customers, communities, and the world around us.


Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on a set of values that defines who we are and how we operate:

Be sincere

People are at the heart of everything we do, and we genuinely care about them.

Make a difference

We are determined to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals through our industrious efforts.

Be open minded

We value others’ opinions and expertise, approaching situations with curiosity and a genuine desire to understand.

Continually improve

We do not rest on our laurels – we constantly strive to find solutions and always aspire for better.

Our History

Starting in 1987, Sentry Medical has dedicated itself to shaping the healthcare industry and providing trusted, affordable medical products for everyone.


Where it all began

In 1987, inspired by an eye-opening hospital stay, Fred Wai recognised a unique opportunity to transition from a family restaurant business and enter the distribution industry.

From a simple home garage in Sydney, Fred started Essential Distribution, supplying non-medical products to government councils and marketing firms.


Guardian Health Care Products

In 1991, we rebranded as Guardian Health Care Products. This pivot marked the beginning of our journey into the medical field.

We achieved our first breakthrough in 1995 by forming a joint venture with St John Ambulance to produce their first aid kits and components. Following this was a significant milestone as we started our own manufacturing operations in 1997, producing essential medical supplies such as bandages and gauzes.

In 1998, we secured our first government contract, supplying clinical apparel in New South Wales.


Expanding horizons

Sentry Medical took a bold step toward international expansion by venturing into the New Zealand market. Simultaneously, our team expanded with the hiring of our first interstate employee in Victoria.


Birth of Sentry Medical

A transformative turn arrived in 2003 as we evolved into Sentry Medical. We wanted a name that truly reflected our commitment to the healthcare industry and the critical role we played within it.

Over the next decade, our unwavering dedication fueled consistent annual growth between 10% and 15%, solidifying our reputation as an industry leader.


Innovation and Global Reach

This period witnessed significant strides in innovation and global expansion. In 2007, we introduced our protective apparel brand, Owear, followed by Australia's first sonically bonded isolation gown in collaboration with NSW Health in 2008.

Expanding our reach internationally, we established operations in Singapore and Indonesia to serve a wider audience and contribute to healthcare on a global scale.


Wound Care Range

The early 2010s were marked by remarkable growth for us. In 2014, we made a significant expansion into the wound care sector with the introduction of Asguard, marking the beginning of our journey in this area.

Building on this momentum, we expanded our offerings with our advanced wound care products in 2017.


Substantial Growth

2017 saw us achieve a remarkable milestone of $20 million in sales, underscoring our position as an industry leader. In 2019, we secured an impressive 80% share of the NSW IV dressing market.

Throughout this period, our operations experienced substantial growth, necessitating the receipt of over 150 containers per year and prompting the move to our fourth warehouse.


COVID-19 Pandemic

When the COVID-19 Pandemic struck in 2020, we rose to the challenge as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline workers in Australia and New Zealand.

We worked closely with national and state government bodies and were able to provide approximately:
• 137.5 million masks
• 7 million protective gowns
• 2 million face shields
• 8 million protective aprons.


A new frontier

In 2021, we achieved a significant milestone with our acquisition by EBOS, opening doors to the aged care and primary sectors.

The following year, in 2022, we further strengthened our position in the healthcare industry by acquiring Aaxis Pacific, a strategic move that allowed us to enter the dynamic pharmacy sector.



Today, Sentry Medical has a dedicated team of over 50 employees based in Australia, and our operations have expanded to multiple countries.

As we continue on our journey of growth and innovation in the healthcare industry, our primary goal is to ensure that everyone has access to trustworthy and affordable medical products that protect, treat and heal.


Distribution Partners

We are the key distributor in Australia for some of the most well known and technologically advanced companies around the world. These partnerships have been handpicked and developed to enhance our product range in areas where our partners are the absolute experts, to ultimately meet the needs of our customers.

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