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Size: Small, 3.5cm x 10m
Pcs/Unit: 1
Units/Ctn: 80
Tubular Retention Bandages are a lightweight, elasticated tubular bandage designed for dressing fixation and skin covering on any part of the body. It securely holds wound dressings in place without restricting movement or causing a tourniquet effect. Tubular Retention Bandages can also be used for patch wrapping, acting as an under-cast stockinette, and providing a light dermatological covering for eczema sufferers (wet wrap).

Product Features

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Seamless bandage design

No pins or tapes required for application

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Conforms to body contours

Designed with light elasticity for a comfortable and conformable fit on various body parts

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Made from breathable fabric to help prevent wound maceration and enhance comfort

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Colour-coded sizing

Color-coded sizing for easy identification and selection

Suitable For

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    Dressing fixation
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    Skin covering including as an eczema wrap (wet wrap application) and patch wrapping
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    Undercast stockinette


  1. Cut length required for the limb. For upper limb, make 2 small cuts for the thumb and little finger.
  2. Pull over wrist and push thumb and little finger through holes.

Wet Wrap Application:

  1. After showering apply prescribed topical Steroid, if required
  2. Apply liberal amounts of emollient
  3. Cover with one (1) wet layer of Bodifast
  4. Cover the wet layer with one dry layer of Bodifast

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