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Size: 5cm x 4.5m
Colour: Tan
Pcs/Unit: 36
Units/Ctn: 4
Bodichek Cohesive Bandages are lightweight and self-adherent, eliminating the need for pins or clips. Cohesive bandages conform to body contours and movements, preventing bunching or rolling down.

Product Features

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Lightweight, porous and breathable

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Self adherent

Sticks to itself and not to hair or skin, making it easy to apply and remove

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Easy tear bandage, no need for scissors

Suitable For

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    Support for soft tissue injuries such as strains and sprains
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    Securing dressings
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    Compression to alleviate swelling


1. Wrap it onto the affected area from the roll and apply a moderate amount of stretch to give the required level of compression and support.

2. Make sure the tape overlaps onto itself.

3. Inspect the area to make sure that the tape is not overly tight. Remove and reapply the tape to lessen any tension.


Applying bandage too tightly may cause circulation problems. If the user experiences any numbness or tingling, remove bandage and reapply, adjusting to a slightly lesser tension.

Product contains latex. If the skin around the bandaged area becomes red, itchy, burns or blisters, remove bandage and discontinue use.

Seek medical advice for severe injuries.

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