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Size: 15ml
Pcs/Unit: 240
Units/Ctn: 1
Aaxis Sodium Chloride 0.9% is a sterile isotonic solution designed to cleanse the eyes in case of irritation, dust, or foreign material exposure. The 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles come with an integrated eye cup, fitting the eye socket. Ampoules and bottles are for single use only.

Product Features

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Sodium Chloride Solution

Suitable for eye cleansing and minor wound care

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Easy Application Options

Options of integrated eye cup or convenient twist top

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Various Sizes

Versatile sizing options to accommodate application requirements

Suitable For

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    Irrigating eyes to relieve discomfort
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    Flushing foreign material from eyes
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    First aid applications, including cleansing minor wounds on the skin


  1. Twist the cap to open the bottle.
  2. Apply the cup to the affected eye (if available).
  3. Flush the eye as needed, controlling the rate of solution by applying pressure on the bottle.
  4. For wound irrigation, pour over the wound to flush.
  5. Discard the container after use.


  • Not for injection.
  • Do not use if eye is lacerated.
  • Do not use if the snap off bottle top is broken or missing.
  • Do not use if solution is not clear.

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