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Size: 10.5cm x 6.5cm
Units/Ctn: 1
Sage Securement Devices are designed to secure urinary catheters. An adhesive strip ensures the catheter remains stationary once in place, and the material tabs interlock to provide additional security around the entire tube, preventing movement. The first tab secures the catheter's outlet port, and the second tab is utilized to secure the catheter's balloon port after inflating the catheter's balloon.


Product Features

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Complete securement

Stabilise catheters by providing security around the entire tube while preventing excessive movement

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Allows catheter to move without causing tension on the catheter

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Easily adjustable with medical-grade Velcro suitable for both silicone and latex catheters

Suitable For

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    Silicone catheters 8 to 26 Fr and Latex catheters 8 to 22 Fr
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    Stabilisation of other catheters with large lines to the body
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    Other areas requiring tube support, e.g. peritoneal dialysis

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