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Type: Rectangle
Pcs/Unit: 100
Units/Ctn: 20
Asguard Haemoplast Dressings combine an absorbent pad with a soft and comfortable non-woven adhesive backing. The small adhesive plaster is specifically crafted to provide immediate and effective wound care following injections, vaccinations, blood tests, or blood donations, ensuring a safe and hygienic healing process.

Product Features

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Haemostatic Pad

Absorbent non-adherent pressure pad swiftly manages minor bleeding or exudate

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Easy Peel Backing

Allows for easy application

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Skin-Friendly Adhesive

Minimises discomfort on application and removal and helps reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Suitable For

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    Dressing for post injection, IV or venepuncture sites
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    GP Clinics

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