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Product Details

Size: 12mm x 9.1m
Pcs/Unit: 24
Units/Ctn: 30
This versatile adhesive is designed for a variety of applications, ensuring dressings, tubes, and medical devices are securely fastened, while providing patients with comfort and ease of movement. Its water resistant properties make it suitable for use in situations where it may come into contact with moisture, ensuring the tape remains effective and reduces the risk of infection.

Product Features

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Water resistant

Ideal for use insitu whilst showering or situations where it may come into contact with moisture

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Transparent nature allows monitoring the condition of the skin or wound without removal

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Minimises the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, making it suitable for patients with sensitive skin or for long-term use

Suitable For

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    Securing dressings on wounds or surgical sites
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    Fixing tubes and catheters, ensuring they remain undisturbed during treatment
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    Holding medical devices in place, such as sensors for monitoring vital signs

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