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Colour: Black
Pcs/Unit: 25
Units/Ctn: 25
Interster Sterilisation Markers are designed for light touch writing to avoid damage to packaging material. The solid writing point of the marker ensures a constant writing quality and long durability. The ink dries immediately and does not fade. The pen is for marking sterilisation packaging material, with special autoclave low odour ink, without additor or oxylene/toluene. The ink is steam, gamma, formaldehyde, plasma and EO resistant.

Product Features

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Instantaneous drying ink

Neutral odour, dries immediately and does not fade

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Non-toxic ink

No xylol/toluene, lead or cadmium

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Ink is steam, gamma, formaldehyde, plasma and EO resistant

Suitable For

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    For marking sterilisation packaging material

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