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Type: Splinter Forcep #1
Pcs/Unit: 60
Units/Ctn: 10
Forged from stainless steel, Sage Splinter Forceps #1 are designed to securely grasp foreign objects during a medical procedure. These forceps feature fine, pointed and serrated tips to ensure maximum control of the objects.


Product Features

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Fine end point

Designed for the safe and effective removal of splinters or fine objects

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Serrated handles

The textured handles ensures a reliable hold, even when wearing gloves

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Stainless steel provides durability and corrosion resistance

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Blue ends for single-use identification

Serve as a clear indicator that the instrument is a single-use disposable item, ensuring proper identification and adherence to safety protocols

Suitable For

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    Hospital and medical
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    Removal of small foreign objects

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