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Type: Hand Drape
Pcs/Unit: 8
Units/Ctn: 1
Suresafe Orthopaedic Drapes create an absorbent and impervious barrier to fluid strikethrough. They are designed to prevent bacterial transfer and contamination of the surgical site. These Orthopaedic Drapes come with: a 42cm x 85cm reinforcement, a 5cm elastic fenestration, a gusseted hand table extension, and velcro tube and cord holders.


Product Features

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Strong and durable

Made from low linting, abrasion resistant and impervious material to aid in infection control

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Non-woven absorbent outer layer to maintain a dry working area

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Non-skid surface

Provides stability and prevents the drape from slipping

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Conforms easily to the shape of the patient, surgical site or operating room table

Suitable For

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    Orthopaedic procedures

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