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Size: 20cm x 45cm
Pcs/Unit: 30
Units/Ctn: 1
A foam dressing made from fibreless elastic open-cell foam sheeting, soaked in Burnshield sterile trauma hydrogel and supplied in a foil pouch. The dressing can be applied directly onto the face. It is designed for optimal heat dissipation, and conforms to the wound area.

Product Features

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Absorbs and dissipates heat

Gel structure quickly cools and soothes the affected area minimising burn damage

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Conforms to wound area

Provides even and effective coverage for burns wounds

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Safe for use on children

Non-toxic and non-irritant formula is safe for all ages

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Ventilation holes

Ventilation holes are provided for the nose and mouth

Suitable For

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    All types of superficial or partial thickness burns: fire, sunburn, thermal and scalding, chemical* or radiation *Special conditions to treating chemical burns: Flush with cool running water for 15 - 20 minutes before applying Burnshield.
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    Facial burns and scalds


  1. Open the sterile package
  2. Remove the dressing from the package
  3. Apply dressing over the wound
  4. Secure dressing with non-absorbent bandage


Do not use if package is damaged. Seek medical attention.


Burnshield Products are used for the first aid treatment of burn wounds ranging from sunburns, minor burns to more severe third degree burns.

When Burnshield products are applied, it rapidly cools the burn wound area to prevent further damage to area and prevent secondary burn wound progression.

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