About Us

Sentry Medical (Sentry) is a key distributor of surgical and medical consumables to the public and private healthcare sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Since the early 1990’s, Sentry has served the needs of wholesalers, hospitals, general practice and dental surgeries, pharmacies, aged care facilities, government agencies and veterinary clinics – providing high quality medical consumables that play an important role in the patient healing process.

Our catalogue has more than 300 products and includes a complete range of bandages, gauzes and swabs, tapes and dressings, sterilisation and disposal products, surgical apparel and first aid kit components.

Sentry maintains control over the manufacturing process ensuring all products comply with stringent quality standards, and owns a number of industry leading and recognised brands, including AsGUARD®, MEDICREPE, Mediam®135 & 210, VeraSoft®, PRIMAGARD® and OWEAR®. For a comprehensive range of CE certified CSSD products we are also the proud distributors of bolsaplast and INTERSTER®.

Our multinational manufacturing capabilities, leading edge R&D and strict quality control measures ensure our products maintain consistent quality every time.


A Leader in the Field

Sentry’s multinational manufacturing capabilities, leading edge research and development, and strict quality control measures ensure all our products maintain a consistently high quality every time.

Research & Development

Sentry Medical has an established Research and Development procedure that is fully integrated within the company’s business operation. Working closely with the Marketing, Sales Team and Quality Management, R&D is responsible for developing products to meet market demand with an ability to strongly focus on select product development related to a client’s immediate need. These efforts result in a rapid turn-around of design, prototyping, clinical focus groups/trials and design-transfer to production. Sentry Medical’s Board of Directors recognises the importance of, and is committed to funding, the R&D effort as an important budget line item. As well, Sentry Medical’s R&D group has been very successful in obtaining external agency funding in support of new product and specialised equipment design and prototyping. Staff expertise within the R&D group includes non-wovens material conversion, materials science and mechanical engineering, specification drafting and clinical microbiology.

Quality Assurance

Sentry Medical Pty Ltd has established itself as an industry leading provider of high-quality and reliably supplied medical consumables and devices by providing the best quality and value proposition to its customers.

Through its commitment to continual improvement, Sentry Medical strives to meet customer expectations by supplying products and services that adapt to the dynamic and changing needs of today’s healthcare professional.

Sentry’s compliance with ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Systems is evidence of this commitment to meeting customer’s quality requirements.

To achieve its quality policy, Sentry believes:

  1. Every member of Sentry Medical team shares the responsibility for quality improvement. All employees are made aware of the importance of the company’s quality objectives and their role in maintaining this standard.
  2. The quality of support, interaction and achievement at every point in its supply chain is significant to success. Wherever possible Sentry will work in partnership with our suppliers.
  3. Information, communication, education and training are important for the implementation of the quality policy. Training will be given to staff at all levels so that they possess the competencies for their roles with particular emphasis placed on ways of improving customer service.

Sentry Medical will always be committed to the philosophy of continual improvement in product and service quality. Its commitment to quality accreditation and ongoing staff training is evidence that it stands by this policy.

ISO-13485 Certificate

Community Support

Sentry Medical is dedicated to providing community support to numerous charitable funds both locally and internationally.