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Sentry Medical doing their part for QLD Health in the COVID-19 crisis

SYDNEY. The second air shipment of medical consumables arrived in Brisbane airport for use throughout Queensland public health facilities.

Sentry Medical and representatives of Queensland Health and Government have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the delivery of much needed stock including 8 million masks to aid with pandemic needs. Touchdown of the first flight, earlier this month and the second following this week brings much needed relief for urgent supplies imperative for Queensland Health facilities to remain operational whilst keeping their patients and staff protected.

“We’re working around the clock with supply chain partners to ensure we can assist in providing some of the (surgical masks and isolation gowns) demand in Australia”, said Michael O’Brien, National Sales Manager, Sentry Medical. “It’s rewarding to see Sentry can help our front line workers, even in a small way”.

Through this surge in global demand for personal protective equipment, Sentry has ensured the delivery of high quality products as well as stable manufacturing, whilst continually exceeding Australian standards on their ranges.

“Compromising on our values to deliver inferior products is just not an option,” said Mr O’Brien. “Putting end users at potential risk of less than the stated protective standards is something we will not entertain”.