Sterilizing Consumables


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Sentry Medical imports and distributes the INTERSTER® range of specialised CSSD products. These products meet the applicable ISO and CE requirements. This range includes challenge devices, seal checks, steam monitoring strips and other CSSD consumables.

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Reels and Pouches


Sentry Medical imports and distributes the Bolsaplast film laminate range from Europe. CE marked, manufactured and labelled according to EN868 and ISO11607 whilst complying with AS4187:2014.  It is produced under strict quality control guidelines to ensure consistent package integrity and indicator change after each sterilization process. Produced with 60GSM medical grade paper and PET/PP blend for the film, it offers extremely low fibre shedding and is resistant to film tear. It is available in heat sealable and self sealable pouches, flat and gusseted reels. It is also available with a Tyvek® backing for plasma sterilization.

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Sterilization Wraps


STERIFIT® Sterilization Wraps have been developed with the latest SMMMS bonding technology, creating a more reliable and effective sterile barrier. They are suitable for steam, ethylene oxide, and plasma sterilization processes. Dual colouring allows for easy detection of strike through.

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All other sterilizing consumables including but not limited to; instrument protectors, all dust cover bags, transport tray and utility markers.

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