All OWEAR® impervious and chemically tested Isolation Gowns comply with the ISO16603:2004, ISO16604:2004 and ISO6529:2006 standards, as well as meet AAMI Liquid barrier performance levels (excluding GN015P and GN016P). The gowns come in a variety of colours, and are designed for specific procedures to encompass comfort, functionality and protection. All gowns are latex free and have either cotton cuffs (Sof-Cuff) or elastic sonically bonded cuffs.

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Non-woven, spunbond polypropylene is used to make all OWEAR® range products. The weave of these products have an all-round consistent tensile strength, yet are soft enough to be worn all day long. Unlike many other types of apparel, OWEAR® allows greater airflow and breathability to reduce temperature build-up.

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Sentry Medical is the proud supplier of the PRIMAGARD® range of surgical masks and N95 respirators in Australia. Developed in Canada and distributed throughout North America, all surgical masks are independently tested to comply with the requirements of AS4381:2015, ISO16603:2004 and ISO16604:2004. The masks are available in a variety of protection levels; 16kPa (120mmHg) for procedures with moderate risk of fluid exposure, 21kPa (160mmHg) for procedures with high risk of fluid exposure, and the N95 Respirator for protection against non oil-based air particles.

Sentry Medical are the first to offer 6 layered 21kPa (160mmHg) masks which assist surgeons and scrub nurses to stay cool over longer periods of time. The masks also have longer ties for easier fitting, and are made from low allergenic components for comfort.

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All other apparel including but not limited to; Aprons, briefs, clear visor and overshoes.

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