A Leader in the Field

Sentry’s multinational manufacturing capabilities, leading edge research and development, and strict quality control measures ensure all our products maintain a consistently high quality every time.

Research & Development

Sentry Medical has an established Research and Development procedure that is fully integrated within the company’s business operation. Working closely with the Marketing, Sales Team and Quality Management, R&D is responsible for developing products to meet market demand with an ability to strongly focus on select product development related to a client’s immediate need. These efforts result in a rapid turn-around of design, prototyping, clinical focus groups/trials and design-transfer to production. Sentry Medical’s Board of Directors recognises the importance of, and is committed to funding, the R&D effort as an important budget line item. As well, Sentry Medical’s R&D group has been very successful in obtaining external agency funding in support of new product and specialised equipment design and prototyping. Staff expertise within the R&D group includes non-wovens material conversion, materials science and mechanical engineering, specification drafting and clinical microbiology.


Sentry Medical is accredited to ISO13485:2003 and maintains control over all of the manufacturing processes to ensure all Sentry branded products comply with stringent quality standards. For products that are distributed by Sentry, products are checked to ensure they are CE marked and supplied by accredited suppliers to the similar manufacturing standards.