Interster Partnership

Sentry Medical and Interster have been in partnership since 2007, providing quality products that play a role in all stages of the CSSD process: cleaning, disinfection, packaging, sterilization and storage. Both Sentry and Interster’s extensive knowledge and experience in all these fields can offer assistance to many hospitals to optimise the quality of the CSSD processes.

Based in the Netherlands, Interster is well known for its flexible market approach, high quality products and excellent service. Interster is ISO and CE-certified and specialises in the fields of CSSD, OR and logistic services thus offering total concepts for the CSSD.

Interster has built a solid reputation in the international healthcare market for sterilization monitoring products and sterilization packaging material. Based on a philosophy of strong commitment to customer service and excellence in innovation, Interster has proven to be a reliable partner for CSSD and OR products.